type 05 in a sentence

  1. The new Type 07 Air Force Uniforms inherited the " Air Force Blue " color of the Type 05 Air Force Service Uniforms, but with better material and cutting to give a more stylish and professional appearance.
  2. The "'PLZ-05 "'or the "'Type 05 "'is a 155 mm self-propelled howitzer developed by the People's Liberation Army of China to replace the Type 59-1 130mm.
  3. The "'QCW-05 "'( ) ( officially translated in pinyin as " Qing ChMngfng Wishng ", literally'Gun, Assault, Suppressed') ( also referred to as the Type 05 ) is a 5.8?1mm DCV05 sub-sonic round that is also used by the QSW-06 Silenced Pistol.
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