type 0 in a sentence

  1. Glycogen-storage disease type 0 affects only the liver.
  2. Typing 0 and then this button would give 0.5 of course.
  3. Applications operating under this profile should always support PCMU ( payload type 0 ).
  4. "Musashi " was built with a Type 0 hydrophone system in her bow.
  5. The current three OpenVReg regulator types are Type 0, Type 2 and Type2 + 1.
  6. It's difficult to find type 0 in a sentence.
  7. For example, the Type 0 string theories result from different GSO projections on the same worldsheet theory.
  8. The ship had a Type 93 sonar and two Type 0 hydrophones with which to search for submarines.
  9. Then to exclude impredicative definitions within a type, the types above type 0 are further separated into orders.
  10. The blood on the handkerchief and the sheepskin was type A, while Gorgonowa s blood was type 0.
  11. Suppose a fraction " a " of type 0 reproduce, the loss being due to malaria.
  12. Unlike types 0 and III, type I and II interactions are specific for adenine due to hydrogen bonding interactions.
  13. On Russian and Soviet railways, these were the most powerful steam locomotives of type 0-8-0.
  14. Experts have identified the virus causing the current outbreak in Europe as belonging to the Pan-Asia type 0 strain.
  15. :: : : Lambiam : Sorry, the keyboard gremlin got me there; I meant to type 0 4.
  16. In patients with glycogen-storage disease type 0, hyperlipidemia is absent or mild and proportional to the degree of fasting.
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