tyous team of commandos in a sentence

  1. It began as a simple coordination or joint command between the predominantely Christian Kataeb Party / Kataeb Regulatory Forces ( KRF ), Tyous Team of Commandos ( TTC ), Palestinian guerrilla factions.
  2. The "'Tyous Team of Commandos  TTC "'or simply "'Tyous "'for short (  Tyous means'Male Goat'in Arabic, also translated as the  Stubborn Ones;  Les T阾us,  Les Obstin閟 in 1975-78 phase of the Lebanese Civil War.
  3. In the following days, the 8, 000-strong party militia, the Kataeb Regulatory Forces, together with its allies, the Tigers militia, Al-Tanzim, Marada Brigade, Guardians of the Cedars, Lebanese Youth Movement, Tyous Team of Commandos and other formations, was heavily engaged in street fights against the Palestinian militias and their allies in the anti-government secular Lebanese National Movement.
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