tweek in a sentence

"tweek" in Chinese  
  1. Can we get a wee tweek to straighten out the image?
  2. Mrs . Tweek applauds their honesty and admits to the same facts herself.
  3. Daniels says of any pressure to tweek the show because of the schedule change.
  4. Tweek pauses and is captured as he hesitates.
  5. The school day ends and Tweek and Craig finally start the long-awaited fight.
  6. It's difficult to find tweek in a sentence.
  7. It cannot be jumped because any time a tweek gets near it, they are immobilized.
  8. As a small child, Tweek is a nervous character, but shows an iron will.
  9. Brady is known as the live action woman in the episode " Tweek vs . Craig ".
  10. We've got to get stronger, a little more talent, tweek some of the products.
  11. Tweek an advertisement he found for " Sea People " ( a parody of Sea-Monkeys ).
  12. The boys are taken prisoner to be guests at the film's premiere, but Tweek escapes.
  13. Tweek ambushes the convoy wielding a bazooka and threatens to blow it up unless the boys are released.
  14. The Sea People on the other side of the aquarium begin worshipping Tweek, leading to a holy war.
  15. Tweek City premiered on May 28, 2005 in Santa Monica, California at the Dances With Films Festival.
  16. Tweek's parents, who own a coffee shop, give the boys coffee to help them stay up.
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