tweedy in a sentence

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  1. His hair flows below his shoulders; he wears tweedy jackets.
  2. It gives it almost a tweedy look without the heavy weight.
  3. Their posture is prim, their clothes tweedy and buttoned up.
  4. Like tweedy undergraduate students, they have a knack for loafing.
  5. "Just a little bit, " says Tweedy.
  6. It's difficult to find tweedy in a sentence.
  7. For the encore, Tweedy dug into the Uncle Tupelo songbook.
  8. The photographer Sam Jones appears to be with the Tweedy program.
  9. Farrar and Tweedy met as freshman at Belleville West High School.
  10. But Tweedy often writes in a language that barely approaches English.
  11. Maurer was married to the former Ethel Virginia Tweedy of Virginia.
  12. Besides being a solo rapper, Tweedy is also a producer.
  13. Jeff Tweedy is the vocalist on all of these cover versions.
  14. Diamond sales reflect the performance of the world economy, Tweedy said.
  15. Even the tweedy integrity of " Face the Nation,"
  16. It was somebody with a tweedy jacket and elbow patches.
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