tweeds in a sentence

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  1. Colors in the great tweeds and jerseys ranged around the browns.
  2. We worked on the tweeds to make them soft like chiffon,
  3. Tweeds, plaids, satins are all to be found.
  4. Menswear looks in tweeds, checks, corduroys and pin stripes
  5. His show was a cool, cautious walk between tweeds and twits.
  6. It's difficult to find tweeds in a sentence.
  7. Fall runways showed fewer heavy tweeds and woolens than in the past.
  8. Reversible cashmere, lambskin and fine tweeds were the main fabrics employed.
  9. In my formative years, it was a clothes catalog called Tweeds.
  10. What's going on now in Paris is tweeds.
  11. Libertine's tweeds look as if they have been endlessly washed.
  12. There are lots of textured fabrics like panne velvets and nubby tweeds.
  13. Asymmetric draped silk jersey dresses came out along with large chevron tweeds.
  14. This time they're rather short, fitted in soft tweeds.
  15. Tetch and the Tweeds are arrested and sent to Arkham.
  16. Menswear patterns including tweeds and pinstripes are in style.
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