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  1. "Trust No 1 " features former leading star Duchovny via the use of previously filmed footage.
  2. He also has a small uncredited cameo in " William ", and appears in archive footage in " Trust No 1 " and " Jump the Shark ".
  3. Duchovny's appearances in " Trust No 1 " and " Jump the Shark " were via archival footage, and he only made a small cameo in the third.
  4. ""'Trust No 1 "'" is the sixth episode of the Nielsen household rating of 5.1 and was viewed by 8.4 million viewers; it garnered mixed to negative reviews from television critics, with many feeling that it portrayed the series'characters in a way that was unfaithful to the show's history.
  5. "Trust No 1 " first premiered on the Nielsen household rating of 5.1, meaning that it was seen by 5.1 % of the nation's estimated households and was viewed by 5.4 million households, { { # tag : ref | At the time of airing, the estimated number of households was 105.5 million.
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  7. Although he makes a handful of cameos in the first part of season eight most notably in the episodes " Within ", " Without ", " The Gift ", and " Per Manum "  Mulder is returned by the aliens and the latter part of the season deals with his death, subsequent resurrection, and his departure from the FBI . After the conclusion of the eighth season, Duchovny left the show, and only appeared in four ninth season episodes : " Trust No 1 ", " Jump the Shark ", " William ", and " The Truth ".

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