trust me in a sentence

"trust me" meaning  "trust me" in Chinese  
  1. The Navy trusts me with this $ 2 million airplane .'
  2. And it was _ trust me _ a lot of fun.
  3. Trust me, the pepper adds a wonderful kick to the berries.
  4. Trust me when I say this was a very sweet play.
  5. Trust me, that had nothing to do with the salary cap.
  6. It's difficult to find trust me in a sentence.
  7. But you want me to persuade the Israelis to trust me?
  8. Would a theater manager trust me to pop the popcorn today?
  9. Trust me to be added to the current team of Bureaucrats.
  10. They knew they could never trust me again with a cockroach.
  11. Trust me . ( I should be a dating counselor .)
  12. Much will depend on whether I feel that people trust me.
  13. He trusts me to get the ball in the right spot.
  14. She seemed to trust me a little more than anybody else.
  15. Trust me _ they will ALL leave with lovely parting gifts.
  16. WP : BRD is also worth a read, trust me.
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