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  1. Most unit trust managers reported net sales ofunits, rather than net redemptions.
  2. "' Kimberly Howard "'is the Trust Manager for the Oregon Cultural Trust.
  3. "Rates, rates, rates and rates, " said Brian Langdon-Pratt, a director MBf Unit Trust Managers.
  4. At IBM, he was the pensions trust manager from 1986, moving from the financial division.
  5. When there's a choice of discount or indexation method, the trust manager makes that choice.
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  7. "They are trust managers for life, " says Paul Koether, who organized the losing proxy fight.
  8. "When Wall Street sneezes, everybody catches cold, " said Brian Langdon-Pratt, director of MBF Unit Trust Managers Ltd.
  9. Inquiries with three of the 30 approved unit trust managers reveal the response has been " encouraging ."
  10. With more than $ 1.4 trillion in trust assets, New York-based Chase is the world's largest trust manager.
  11. Meanwhile, Munir said unit trust managers must have proper standards, practices and codes of conduct firmly in place.
  12. FMPT is managed by Commerce Property Trust Managers Bhd, which is a subsidiary of Commerce Asset Holding Bhd.
  13. Tuan Sing has also obtained an option to buy the holding company of the Grand Hotel Trust Manager.
  14. Every week Delphine Robbe, Gili Eco Trust manager, teaches the three local school s classes about ecology and English.
  15. "We've been trying to undo more than eight decades of problems, " said Tom Thompson, the acting trust manager.
  16. With more than $ 1 . 4 trillion in trust assets, New York-based Chase is the world's largest trust manager.
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