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  1. "I tell them not to trust investment professionals, " he said.
  2. Shares and Unit Trust investments would fall into this category.
  3. Eight of the trusts manage their stake through a joint-owned investment vehicle, Community Trusts Investments.
  4. Deutsche will temporarily maintain the name of the Bankers Trust investment banking unit, BT Alex.
  5. But at the same time enabled the government to scrutinize the trusts investments at will
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  7. Friedrich Diel, a fund manager at Frankfurt Trust Investment-Gesellschaft mbH, said ahead of the report.
  8. China has some 240 trust investment companies, representing about 3 percent of total financial assets.
  9. At the time we spoke, she had her unit trust investments in three different funds.
  10. The child may serve as trustee of the trust and hence control trust investment policy.
  11. Let's suppose that you will be able to leave the non-trust investments alone for five years.
  12. A Bass Management Trust investment group has acquired a 6.9 percent stake in Fisher Scientific International Inc.
  13. "I have increased my holdings in banks and insurers, " said Alte Leipziger Trust Investment Gesellschaft's Schmidt.
  14. But the stock market, a common trust investment, rose more than 340 percent over the same period.
  15. Ebner, through his BK Vision and BZ Trust investment companies, controls about 10 percent of UBS's capital.
  16. It was created following a series of complaints from members about the ethics of certain SNU Trust Investments.
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