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  1. She is survived by her two sons, Tristram and John.
  2. Escaping back into general society, Tristram finds a new job.
  3. Then he finds Tristram and Maryam were also captured and imprisoned.
  4. The story is part of the saga of Tristram and Isolde.
  5. Tristram was the son of Simeon Hyde and Ann Elizabeth Tupper.
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  7. Tristram and Iseult discover themselves and lose themselves in love.
  8. She survives him, along with their sons, Tristram and John.
  9. BHB secretary general Tristram Ricketts said in an official statement.
  10. They would have four sons, including the composer, Tristram Cary.
  11. Dr Thomas Hutchinson Tristram was the last to be admitted.
  12. The film incorporates several sequences from " Tristram Shandy ".
  13. Tristram Shapeero and Dominic Brigstocke directed all the episodes together.
  14. The series was directed by Tristram Shapeero and produced by Catherine Bailey.
  15. Asche afterwards usually referred to Lang as " Tristram ".
  16. Brian Dettmer's Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman.
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