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  1. Analysis of the factors affecting gear transmission accuracy and the measurement
  2. The gear is hardened to hrc60 o and ground to the best transmission accuracy
  3. The application of computer probability simulation on setting up statistical formulas of transmission accuracy of worm gear pairs
  4. In this paper , the drive theory of the large ratio friction transmission is studied ; a new type elliptical cam wave generator is designed ; the large ratio friction transmission prototype is designed and manufactured ; based on the ansys finite element method software , structure of the elliptical cam is analyzed ; precision index of the manufactured large ratio friction transmission prototype , such as transmission accuracy , least step , stability of the least step , load capacity is measured by the absolute rotary encoder . by analyzing the measurement data and research content , it is think that the new elliptical cam wave generator could overcome a good many problems brought by processing errors , facilitate size precision adjustments , input moment can be achieved in the form of a pure force couple importing ; through this study , " the large ratio friction transmission prototype " could apply in practical engineering basically
  5. Abstract : the calculation of the rigidity for the ball screw transmission system was discussed , including the axial rigidity of the screw , the axial rigidity of supporting bearing , the contact rigidity between ball and groove . the influence of the rigidity variation on the transmission accuracy was analyzed
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