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  1. Like the m-type it has the same bandform but offers further improved transfer characteristics.
  2. Therefore, the transfer characteristic takes a range of values.
  3. Also they do affect the flow and heat transfer characteristics, thereby behaving differently from straight smooth surfaces.
  4. The heat transfer characteristics are also different.
  5. This limitation is lifted by connecting two shunt dividers in series, which keeps the transfer characteristic smooth.
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  7. This is known as a " knee " circuit after the shape of the transfer characteristic graph.
  8. Generally, output is a linear function of input only for a fixed portion of the transfer characteristics.
  9. "Soft " clipping or limiting means there isn't a sharp " knee point " in the transfer characteristic.
  10. The heat transfer characteristic of polypropylene tooling is poor, which must be taken into consideration during the formulation process.
  11. The thermistor is encapsulated in a suitable electrically insulating medium with satisfactory heat transfer characteristics and acceptable chemical resistance.
  12. These deposits interfered with the movement of the control rods, and altered the heat transfer characteristics of the fuel.
  13. The heat transfer characteristic of epoxy tooling is fair; the heat transfer characteristic of metal-filled and metal-coated epoxy is good.
  14. The distortion inherent in the High-Powered Amplifier negates the distortion introduced by the linearizer producing a near linear transfer characteristic.
  15. It was driven by a circuit that gave a roughly logarithmic transfer characteristic, so it could be calibrated in decibels.
  16. Falling film evaporators also show improved heat transfer characteristics over their flooded counterparts, particularly in cases with low heat flux.
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