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  1. The second step is the transfer of the first electron from NADPH via an electron transfer chain.
  2. The reduction of ubiquinone to ubiquinol occurs in Complexes I & II in the electron transfer chain.
  3. The fall of the pump probe promoted electron produces an output that is quenched down an electron transfer chain.
  4. Therefore, if either electron transfer chain is activated, molecule C s excitation produces a valid / output emission.
  5. These also produce a proton gradient, but in a quite different and more indirect way involving an electron transfer chain consisting of several other proteins.
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  7. Being extremely critical of his own experimental results, he realized that more ATP was produced than expected from the stoichiometry of the electron transfer chains.
  8. It is a membrane-associated iron-sulfur molybdoprotein, and is part of an electron transfer chain which channels electrons from nitrite to molecular oxygen.
  9. The simplest kind found in the electron transfer chain consists of two iron atoms joined by two atoms of inorganic sulfur; these are called [ 2Fe 2S ] clusters.
  10. His lab was the first to clone the cDNAs and the gene coding for adrenodoxin reductase-the first enzyme in the electron transfer chain of the mitochondrial P450 system.
  11. Often, oxygen is reduced to either water ( cytochrome oxidase of the mitochondrial electron transfer chain ) or hydrogen peroxide ( dehydrogenation of fatty acyl-CoA in peroxisomes ).
  12. An alternative is similar to the AND gate alternative; an input causes a change in molecule structure breaking the electron transfer chain by not allowing the smooth energy transfer of electrons.
  13. The first step of steroidogenesis is dependent on the transfer of electrons from NADPH to a P450 type enzyme ( P450scc ) via an electron-transfer chain that includes two additional proteins.
  14. The problem with the older paradigm is that no high energy intermediate was ever found, and the evidence for proton pumping by the complexes of the electron transfer chain grew too great to be ignored.
  15. They are passed down another electron transfer chain and finally combine with the coenzyme NADP + and protons outside the thylakoids to NADPH . Thus, the net oxidation reaction of water photolysis can be written as:
  16. In microbiology, the oxidase test is used as a phenotypic characteristic for the identification of bacterial strains; it determines whether a given bacterium produces cytochrome oxidases ( and therefore utilizes oxygen with an electron transfer chain ).
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