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  1. Financing was through purchase by members of transfer certificates.
  2. The FIVB said all national leagues were obliged to reject players without a transfer certificate.
  3. But to obtain an international transfer certificate, a player must have the consent of both teams.
  4. All the players required International Transfer Certificate from FIFA, soccer's international governing body, and work permits from the Singapore government.
  5. However, problems with his International Transfer Certificate prevented him from playing for Crete, so he left Greece after two months.
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  7. FIFA then stated that the main allegation  that the international transfer certificate had been forged  was a criminal matter.
  8. In addition, complainants said the Levistes in one instance used a canceled Transfer Certificate Title to increase the area of their units.
  9. The players must " remain inactive for two years, " after which the federation may grant the player a transfer certificate, it added.
  10. A FIFA legal expert, Michael Zen-Ruffinen, said last month that a player needed the consent of both teams to obtain an international transfer certificate.
  11. Firstly, they are hoping Moroccan striker Mohamed Fadali's International Transfer Certificate ( ITC ) will arrive in time for him to make his debut.
  12. General Motors is required to obtain transfer certificates from the IRS to change their stock record books to show ownership of anyone who resides abroad,
  13. For Std I and above, a transfer certificate from the school in which the child studied previously must be produced in addition to the birth certificate.
  14. Russia and Vietnam signed a transfer certificate on Thursday handing control of the Russian naval base at Cam Ranh Bay to the Vietnamese, a Russian Navy official said.
  15. Teams that have yet to fill their foreign players quota have two weeks before the Premier League kicks off on April 22, provided they have International Transfer Certificates.
  16. Without proof of estate tax payment, the Register of Deeds will not allow the transfer / change in the registered name of an existing Transfer Certificate of Title.
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