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  1. A 2-speed transfer case and automatic front hubs completed the drive train.
  2. Thus, some modification on the transfer case or the adapter is required.
  3. The NP transfer case gave a 4.88 : 1 final drive ratio.
  4. Manually locking hubs were eliminated, but the floor-mounted transfer case shifter remained.
  5. A separate 2-speed transfer case also engaged or disengaged the front axle.
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  7. The transfer case has a low gear range for towing or off-roading.
  8. The transmission had 4 speeds and 2 ranges, with a 1-range transfer case.
  9. A new, larger transmission and transfer case was also part of the upgrade.
  10. Inside the transfer case a multi-row chain drives a multi-plate wet clutch pack.
  11. The transfer case contains three modes, 4-All Time, Neutral, and 4-Lo.
  12. The transfer case transfers power from the low range gears for off-road use.
  13. Negatives : No off-road-type four-wheel-drive system offered with two-speed transfer case.
  14. A 2-speed transfer case also engaged or disengaged the front axle.
  15. The transfer case had high and low gears, and engaged the front axle.
  16. Transmission, axle, and transfer case choices were carried over from the previous models.
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