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  1. And yes, we will transfer account ownership on these [ PLS boxes ].
  2. The transfer accounts for 21, 313 of the growth in population from 2001.
  3. These transfers account for the current total of the Air Park.
  4. National Transfer Accounts ( NTA ) have been described as:
  5. There is no way to transfer accounts and use the same one at both places.
  6. It's difficult to find transfer account in a sentence.
  7. The current account surplus was driven up by smaller deficits in the services and unrequited transfers accounts.
  8. The firms will now allow clients to keep their shares in the other firm's funds when they transfer accounts.
  9. Thus an Act of Parliament gives HBOS the statutory authority to transfer accounts without seeking individual account holder approval.
  10. For them, the government is working on a plan to create " electronic transfer accounts " in local banks.
  11. Well Fargo said its number of wire transfer accounts has doubled, and checking and savings accounts have mushroomed as well.
  12. Banking customers would be able to deposit money at any branch of their bank and freely transfer accounts between states.
  13. The suffix is for the use of the business ( for example, to identify different electronic funds transfer accounts ).
  14. In 1997, the transfers account increased by RM761 million to RM3.7 billion, reflecting mainly the increase in remittances by foreign workers.
  15. "We'd offer people who were moving from one town to another the ability to transfer accounts, order checks, and other services ."
  16. Consumer advocates also are worried that the electronic transfer accounts would simply allow withdrawals using a card similar to an ATM card.
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