transfer ability in a sentence

"transfer ability" in Chinese  
  1. It is used for heat transfer abilities, rather than friction reduction.
  2. The two are assigned to watch Sylar ( still Gabriel Gray ) in order to discover how he transfers abilities.
  3. The ESP Box grants Arnim Zola with a mind-control ability, a mind ray, and a mind transfer ability.
  4. The most distinguished advantage of this method is that pyrene compounds are absorpted on CNTs, which improves the solubility of CNTs, together with dispersibility and charge transfer ability of loaded nanoparticles.
  5. He is very much in love with Ten itsu and is fiercely protective of her due to her wound transfer ability, going as far as to hit Masahiro after Ten itsu saved him.
  6. It's difficult to find transfer ability in a sentence.
  7. The dialyzer clearance " K " is usually estimated, based on the urea transfer ability of the dialyzer ( a function of its size and membrane permeability ), the blood flow rate, and the dialysate flow rate.
  8. Reliability had been questioned by US Apache operations, the entire fleet in the Balkans had been grounded due to serious tail rotor failures in 1999 . In 1998, the Longbow radar's development ran into problems regarding its weight, impact upon overall agility, and data transfer abilities.

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