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  1. This mechanoelectrical transduction is mediated with hair cells within the ear.
  2. One disadvantage of transduction is that it builds no predictive model.
  3. This leads to changes in signal transduction and downstream cellular responses.
  4. Hence PKC enzymes play important roles in several signal transduction cascades.
  5. Engagement of PrP has been linked to activation of signal transduction.
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  7. A more complex signal transduction pathway is shown in Figure 3.
  8. Signal transduction by these receptors is as diverse as their distribution.
  9. Each pressure transduction technology has its own inherent advantages and disadvantages.
  10. CheB is part of a two-component signal transduction system.
  11. This photo-activated signal transduction process is essential for vision.
  12. Therefore, ITAMs are involved in the facilitation of signal transduction.
  13. Normal cells often turn cancerous when signal transduction molecules become mutated.
  14. Further signal transduction depends on the type of G protein.
  15. Calmodulin is an example of a signal-transduction protein.
  16. These interactions promote cell adhesion and regulation of signal transduction.
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