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  1. Rumors of an antitrust investigation first emerged in trade journals last spring.
  2. In addition, he wrote for technical magazines and edited several trade journals.
  3. Reports of the troubles began appearing in trade journal stories last September.
  4. Trade journals often don't count toward notability because of their limited audience.
  5. Indian trade journals called him the Marlon Brando of South Indian cinema.
  6. It's difficult to find trade journal in a sentence.
  7. I realize that many trivial trivial articles can appear in trade journal.
  8. Shore's challenge was published this week in the trade journal Texas Lawyer.
  9. Newcome of Adroit Systems wrote in the trade journal Unmanned Vehicles.
  10. The magazines and trade journals there are all out of copyright.
  11. He later became the publisher of a trade journal in New York City.
  12. Stay in touch with your professional association and keep reading the trade journals.
  13. Thus getting coverage in the Electronic trades journal is unusual  and noteworthy.
  14. They are from various trade journal from within that companies industry.
  15. Each week trade journals bring reports of more bugs and glitches.
  16. Worth Star-Telegram; magazines including LA Magazine and Institutional Investor; Chilton Publications trade journals.
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