trad province in a sentence

  1. A similar incident took place in Trad Province, 270 kilometers ( 168 miles ) southeast of Bangkok, last November, the Foreign Ministry said.
  2. Two days later it was found to have sank, about 86 miles ( 140 kilometers ) west of Thailand's Koh Krut Island in Trad province.
  3. Just over 25, 000 Cambodians remain in three Thai camps, at Huay Cheung in Surin province, Phu Noi in Sisaket province and Chong Khao Plu in Trad province.
  4. The 42 are among some 200 members of the Free Vietnam Revolutionary Group who took part in an anti-Vietnam meeting Friday in Trad Province, bordering Cambodia, police said.
  5. Flooding was heaviest in Chantaburi province, 210 kilometers ( 130 miles ) east of Bangkok, but neighboring Trad province was also badly affected, and lesser flooding hit the province of Ubol Ratchathani, 500 kilometers ( 310 miles ) northeast of Bangkok.
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