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  1. Trad jazz, a variant, briefly entered the pop charts later.
  2. His backing was provided by the trad jazz group of the Englishman Chris Barber.
  3. The technique originated with jazz big bands and is a staple of trad jazz.
  4. Such kits are particularly favoured in musical genres such as trad jazz, rockabilly and jump blues.
  5. In the United Kingdom, the trad jazz and Quarrymen, moved on to play rock and roll.
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  7. Mike Cotton formed The Mike Cotton Jazzmen in the early 1950s during the " Trad jazz " boom.
  8. It became a key venue for the trad jazz revival, hosting gigs by Chris Barber and Acker Bilk.
  9. The band played instrumentals by the Shadows and the Ventures, and a variety of pop and trad jazz covers.
  10. As the trad jazz movement ( not quite the same thing as Al Casey, Buddy Tate and Kenny Davern.
  11. Although the term was originally a pejorative, it has at times been embraced by trad jazz fans and players.
  12. During the 1950s and 1960s, Britain underwent a surge in the popularity of what was termed'Trad jazz '.
  13. There were the modern jazz kids, the trad jazz kids, the rock and roll teenagers and the skiffle craze.
  14. He met Pete Townshend in the second year of school, and the two formed a trad jazz band, the Confederates.
  15. In the 1960s, a trad jazz boom in UK encouraged Bell to form the Graeme Bell All Stars and tour there.
  16. Many artists of the big band era, including Glenn Miller, Gene Krupa and Benny Goodman, had their beginnings in trad jazz.
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