trad climbing in a sentence

  1. Contemporary protective gear used in trad climbing consists of removable protective devices such as:
  2. Ice climbing, bouldering, sport climbing and trad climbing are all well established.
  3. Many routes have been set including ones for top roping, lead climbing, trad climbing, and bouldering.
  4. This is the longest running trad climbing competition in North America and a fundraiser for the Friends of Enchanted Rock.
  5. It is unusual but not impossible to see some pieces of permanent protection installed in the rock on some trad climbing routes.
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  7. The island offers a mixture of both trad climbing and sport climbing and also offers a good variety of bouldering and deep water soloing.
  8. In trad climbing belay stations, load-sharing anchor are often constructed from more than two individual anchors, which are rarely co-planar.
  9. As other variants of climbing were not nominally in existence as well, all climbing was in effect trad climbing until the early 1980s when sport climbing emerged in Europe.
  10. Important features of trad climbing are a strong focus on exploration, and a strict dedication to leaving nature unblemished by avoiding use of older means of protection such as pitons, which damage the rock.
  11. For example, nuts removable pieces of metal which could be jammed into cracks to support weight during a fall but could be removed at the end of a climb helped fuel trad climbing's growth in popularity and safety.
  12. Clean climbing is a style of rock climbing which seeks to minimize some of the aesthetically damaging side effects of some techniques used in trad climbing and more often, aid climbing by avoiding using equipment such as pitons, which damage rock.
  13. "' Manchester Wall "', located in downtown Richmond, Virginia, U . S ., is one of central Virginia's premier rock climbing areas, offering multiple routes for trad climbing, sport climbing, and top roping.
  14. In trad climbing, a leader ascends a section of rock placing his or her own John Long's 1989 technique manual " How to Rock Climb " ( Chockstone Press ) used the term " sport climbing " repeatedly in reference to what is now considered " traditional climbing ".
  15. With increased accessibility to climbing walls and gyms more climbers now enter the sport through indoor climbing than outdoor climbing and the transition from indoor to sport climbing is much easier than the transition to trad climbing because the techniques and equipment used for indoor leading are nearly sufficient to sport climb ( whereas trad requires significantly more in terms of techniques, experience and equipment ).

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