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  1. The addition of " PT " recognizes independent work carried out by J髗ef H . Przytycki and PaweB Traczyk.
  2. The band was formed by musicians who had previously played together : SkawiDski and Traczyk were in a band named Kombi; Kraszewski previously played in Kombi and TSA.
  3. "We take people from a local business or a church and, with volunteer labor and donations, renovate 20 houses a year, all on one Saturday, " said Christine Traczyk, the director of New Britain housing services.
  4. In addition to his wife, he is survived by two sons, Basil, of Seattle, and Cornelius, of New York; a daughter, Rene Kirby of Los Angeles; and a sister, Kathryn Traczyk of East Chicago, Ind.
  5. In 1987, he and Pawel Traczyk published " Invariants of links of Conway type " ( Kobe J . Math . 4, 115 " 139, 1987 ), which included a description of what is now called the skein modules in " Skein modules of 3-manifolds " Bull.
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