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  1. As of 2014 Tracz was based in West Palm Beach, Florida.
  2. Even Tracz's gravesite and memorial were eradicated.
  3. The bronze went to Josef Tracz of Poland.
  4. The Red Foxes are coached by Chris Tracz.
  5. Tracz was born in 1940 in Poland.
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  7. The Tolerance Declaration was a severe blow to Tracz, as it undid all his efforts.
  8. Tracz's SNG previously published " Current Opinion journals ( acquired by Elsevier ).
  9. After the acquisition by SFX and renaming into Life in Color, Tracz remained Vice President.
  10. He started his volleyball career in MKS Zryw Opole, and his first coach was Jerzy Tracz.
  11. Rookie left-hander Chris Tracz was named to the Louisville Slugger / " Baseball America"
  12. Tracz won 10 games for the second straight season and was named the MAAC Pitcher of the Year.
  13. Tracz, Orysia 2015, " First Star I See Tonight ", Mazepa Publications Zhuravli, Winnipeg
  14. He is also a member of WKS Slansk in WrocBaw, and is coached and trained by Jozef Tracz.
  15. Dr . Frank Tracz, director of bands at K-State, claims the incident as " friendly rivalry banter ."
  16. During his university studies, Levin associated with the Communist Party, where he met Danny Tracz, the dramatist of the Communist youth.
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