tower palace in a sentence

  1. The builders of the Tower Palace installed high-tech security measures.
  2. Burj Khalifa uses the bundled Tower Palace Three, an all residential building in Seoul.
  3. "' Tower Palace One "'is an apartment complex completed in 2002 in Seoul, South Korea.
  4. It is home to Samsung Tower Palace, a luxury residential complex which contains the eleventh tallest building in South Korea.
  5. "America is in its ivory tower palace, " she said . " We are used to having coups and revolutions.
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  7. At the time of its completion, the building was the tallest in the country but was surpassed by Samsung Tower Palace 3  Tower G in 2004.
  8. This station serves one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Korea; the Samsung Tower Palace complex, which includes the Dongbu Centreville-is also linked by an underground passageway.

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