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  1. Control tower operators can only provide the most precise weather data available.
  2. In an average day tower operators handle 800 to 1, 000 movements.
  3. But the tower operator told the crew the runway was under construction.
  4. They returned to work after negotiations with management, tower operators said.
  5. Police officers on foot at intermediate streets followed the lead of the traffic-tower operators.
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  7. The most militant groups are train operators and conductors and subway control tower operators.
  8. But it also found that mistakes by a control tower operator contributed to the problem.
  9. But control tower operators failed to follow correct procedures for the low-visibility conditions, the report said.
  10. At her request she transferred to Pasco, Washington, where she served as a control tower operator.
  11. An airport tower operator a bare half-mile away saw the P-38 bear down on the transport.
  12. In a statement after talks, tower operators said the man's case would be reviewed in three months.
  13. In the statement, tower operators offered " apologies to tourists who were prevented from making visits ."
  14. When using this method the tower operator positions A point anchorages according to existing track geometry measurements taken beforehand.
  15. The control tower operators at Chek Lap Kok have been informed about the air traffic movements on 1-2 July.
  16. Hughes said half of New Jersey's forest fires in recent years have been spotted first by the 21 tower operators.
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