tower one in a sentence

  1. If only they'd built the tower one layer higher.
  2. He anticipated Tower One collapsing onto Tower Two after the blast.
  3. He spent 30 of those years in Tower One.
  4. She told Sinclair her husband was under Tower One.
  5. This would consist of two new towers one 18 storeys and the other 12.
  6. It's difficult to find tower one in a sentence.
  7. He was working at Cantor Fitzgerald in Tower One of the World Trade Center.
  8. Khan's son, Taimour, worked on the 92nd floor of tower one.
  9. Cecilia Lillo barely made it out of Tower One, losing friends just behind her.
  10. However, the bluebird flies to the tower one evening and tells Florine the truth.
  11. Suddenly, they watched in disbelief as the television showed the facade of tower one collapsing.
  12. Louis Minervino was at his 98th floor office in Tower One when the first jet hit.
  13. This feature has made the clock tower one of Irvington's most recognizable local landmarks.
  14. In New York, the first reports suggested a small plane had accidentally flown into Tower One.
  15. Louis Minervino was at his 98th-floor office in Tower One when the first jet hit.
  16. All were lost when Twin Towers One and Two collapsed after the September 11 attacks in 2001.
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