tower of wooden pallets in a sentence

  1. The "'Tower of Wooden Pallets "'was a structure of discarded wooden pallets built by Daniel Van Meter and designated as a Historic Cultural Monument.
  2. The Tower of Wooden Pallets was designated a historic-cultural monument, which had the same rights and recognition as the Hollywood Sign, the Watts Towers, and the cruise ship Catalina.
  3. PALLET-TOWER ( Sherman Oaks, Calif . )-- The Tower of Wooden Pallets-declared a historical monument in 1978-apparently is about to be torn down by a developer.
  4. Some say Van Meter's tower of wooden pallets was one of a kind and consider him an " outside artist . " In 2006 the remainder of the Tower of Pallets was bulldozed.
  5. Largely waging the struggle alone, Van Meter got some help in 1978 when the city's Cultural Heritage Board deemed the " Tower of Wooden Pallets " in Sherman Oaks a historical monument.
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  7. City documents show the Tower of Wooden Pallets was declared historical monument No . 184 " because of its significant social interest in the San Fernando Valley, the structure and the site having distinctive historical merit ."

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