tower above in a sentence

"tower above" meaning  "tower above" in Chinese  
  1. The spiral dust cloud over Arsia Mons can tower above the volcano.
  2. Mature specimen trees from the landscape park tower above the present structure.
  3. The imposing concrete and limestone monument still towers above the city's downtown.
  4. The summit is surrounded by beech trees which tower above the footpaths.
  5. This means the dam towers above the mean surface of the reservoir.
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  7. A square bell-tower and a spire with crockets tower above the complex.
  8. The project would include an office tower above the new stock exchange.
  9. In the film version, one _ Lisa _ towers above the rest.
  10. The foyer and bell tower above the entrance were rebuilt in 1995.
  11. The steeple of St . Giles Cathedral towers above the Old Town.
  12. The porch and the stone tower above it were rebuilt in 1861.
  13. In Salisbury and Winchester, two large cathedrals tower above the historic cities.
  14. Fantastic constructions of volcanic rubble tower above, enroute to the mighty Columbia.
  15. No steam rose from the plant's smokestacks, which tower above southern Baghdad.
  16. The main cliff face of Hart Mountain towers above the valley floor.
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