towed in a sentence

"towed" in Chinese  
  1. Still, drivers whose vehicles are towed aren't thrilled.
  2. It was being towed when a Japanese sub finished her off.
  3. Sunday, the Coast Guard towed the boat to the marina.
  4. One tank in his unit had to be towed into battles.
  5. All vehicles were towed away as a precaution against car bombs.
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  7. The van was towed by Kansas City police, he said.
  8. We were towed to the gate and greeted by television crews.
  9. Officials towed the trailer to an undisclosed spot for further tests.
  10. The car was towed to a private storage lot for examination.
  11. "Um, got towed, " he mused.
  12. But Morrison's world is being towed into the mainstream.
  13. He took the man aboard and towed the boat to Tortola.
  14. Unoccupied cars were towed and vehicles were subject to random searches.
  15. The ship was towed by a Cook Islands navy patrol boat.
  16. Seven were towed back out to safe deep sea on Wednesday.
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