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  1. Phase 1A has seen the selection of the towed gun replacement; the US Pegasus alternative.
  2. A towed gun fires from the ground and any inherent protection is limited to a gun shield.
  3. A few towed guns have been given limited self-propulsion by means of an auxiliary engine.
  4. A towed gun was much cheaper than a tank and could be concealed in a shallow position.
  5. The RAA applies the latest technologies to maximise the effectiveness of the extant fleet of towed guns.
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  7. Since the early 1960s it has been possible to carry lighter towed guns and most mortars by helicopter.
  8. Enemies included towed guns, BMP-1, infantry, Gazelle, MIG's and more.
  9. When so attached, defending tank destroyer units supplemented organic antitank weapons ( bazookas and 57mm towed guns ).
  10. It is based on Norinco's Type 89 ( PLL01 ) 155mm / 45-calibre towed gun-howitzer.
  11. The fort was part of the 155 mm towed guns on " Panama mounts ", which were circular concrete platforms.
  12. So, despite the advantages of the self-propelled artillery, towed guns remain in the arsenals of many modern armies.
  13. The water-cooled 2A7 23mm guns of ZSU-23-4 fire the same ZU-23-2 towed gun.
  14. A major lesson learned from the Italian campaign was that the conversion to towed guns was not as advantageous as had been previously thought.
  15. The artillery regiments were also reorganised, one would now be equipped with self-propelled guns while the other would keep towed guns.
  16. Towed guns were also highly vulnerable to counterattack while on the move, especially since they were often hauled by horses or their own crews.
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