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  1. The towboats cut their lines and the vessel s anchors dragged.
  2. It was pushed by the steam towboat " Belle Prince ."
  3. The State of West Virginia converted the towboat into a showboat.
  4. Towboats'propellers were then used to free the rig.
  5. The towboat was pushing two barges when the accident happened.
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  7. Such barges need to be towed by tugboats or pushed by towboats.
  8. The towboat must be capable of maintaining the proper speed.
  9. The towboat's four crew members were not injured.
  10. Barges are usually unpowered and must be moved by tugboats or towboats.
  11. Private capital followed these improvements with heavy investments in towboats and barges.
  12. It served as a towboat and inspection vessel until decommissioned in 1993.
  13. A couple of big towboat manufacturers are coming out with custom wakeboard boats.
  14. It would ground barges and towboats when the river was low in summer.
  15. The towboat and its 17 barges have been grounded and quarantined near Rosedale.
  16. Keating said the towboat captain may have suffered a seizure at the wheel.
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