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  1. Vir has also hosted Top Drive getaway for Star World.
  2. Another advantage of top drive systems is time efficiency.
  3. In 1988, the ship was modified to include a top drive unit.
  4. Ferrari may have F1's top driving team in Schumacher and Eddie Irvine.
  5. All rigs are engineered to accept top drives.
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  7. Tesco provides top drive rental services on a day-rate basis for land and Nabors, and FDS.
  8. Harbaugh won it by tying Brett Favre, the Green Bay Packers quarterback, with a top drive of 284 yards.
  9. Atlanta is the top drive market to Florida destinations, meaning deep discounts are there for the taking by metro residents.
  10. The top drive allows the drilling rig to drill the longer section of a stand of drill pipe in one operation.
  11. The amidships derrick is 121 m above sea level, and the top drive has a lifting capacity of 1, 000 tons.
  12. Widely recognized as a top driving talent since joining the tour in 1994, Mayfield became the property of Roger Penske over the winter.
  13. After the Grand Canyon, the top driving destinations will be, in order : Anaheim, San Diego, San Francisco and Monterey.
  14. The company operates both conventional equipment and a proprietary casing running tool, the Casing Drive System, for rigs equipped with top drives.
  15. In 1970, all of the American pony car manufacturers were represented with a factory team and top driving talent : Chevrolet had the Firebird Trans Am.
  16. The guidebook covers everything from choosing an RV and 10 top driving tours to practical tips, ranging from picking an RV club to one-pot meals.
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