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  1. Armed force is a notoriously poor tool for solving political problems.
  2. At Mercedes-Benz, this marketing tool has a twist.
  3. "It's such a social tool ."
  4. And you wonder whether this column is a valuable investment tool!
  5. I'm not sure it was an effective sales tool.
  6. It's difficult to find tool in a sentence.
  7. The statistics menu provides some learning tools for the poker player.
  8. That's why the emergency disk is an essential tool.
  9. -- " Big power tools scare me ."
  10. Mr . Lambert had found a very powerful and useful tool.
  11. And so was born Tim ( the Tool Man ) Taylor.
  12. A sabre saw is a welcome addition to any tool kit.
  13. They reinstated systematic terror as the chief tool of the government.
  14. The early ones were direct-marketing tools, selling products.
  15. They realized they needed new tools, " says Gao.
  16. Withholding trade benefits is an appropriate tool for punishing labor abuses.
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