to stall in a sentence

"to stall" in Chinese  
  1. Compounding the situation are procedures senators use to stall nominations they oppose.
  2. The motion threatens a contempt action if Marianne Gingrich continues to stall.
  3. A government spokesperson emphasised that the negotiations for EU membership to stall.
  4. There was even a short break for rain to stall the tension.
  5. Substandard fuel may have caused its engines to stall, investigators have said.
  6. It's difficult to find to stall in a sentence.
  7. The Soviet delegation made several unsuccessful procedural attempts to stall the proceedings.
  8. But the repetitions of the screen tests cause the story to stall.
  9. In basketball, teams can try to stall and run out the clock.
  10. Investigators have not said what might have caused the engines to stall.
  11. It could also give the IRA an excuse to stall on disarmament.
  12. Axil can defend himself using magic to stall or kill these creatures.
  13. Is it possible for such a plane to stall if launched horizontally?
  14. The result may be to stall an investment recovery before it starts.
  15. The parties see it in their best interest not to stall,
  16. But nearly all their efforts to stall his reforms have backfired.
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