to stake a claim in a sentence

"to stake a claim" in Chinese  
  1. The winner figures to stake a claim to a national ranking.
  2. His desire to stake a claim is understandable.
  3. Both sides are trying to win territory on the battlefield to stake a claim.
  4. We came down here to stake a claim to what's ours ."
  5. Both sides continued to try to win territory on the battlefield to stake a claim.
  6. It's difficult to find to stake a claim in a sentence.
  7. Louis was also entertaining an ambition to stake a claim to the Kingdom of Naples.
  8. By this time he decided the rush to stake a claim in the Klondike was over.
  9. Scerri started to stake a claim for more first team action during the 2001 02 season.
  10. Arriving too late to stake a claim, Choquette found work as a mucker or panner.
  11. By and large the first one to stake a claim to an article title keeps it.
  12. He said the trend will only accelerate as it becomes easier for companies to stake a claim.
  13. Fowler's absence will give Manchester United striker Andy Cole a chance to stake a claim.
  14. Various people have been rested and this has given other players an opportunity to stake a claim.
  15. He moved out of the county very early in its settlement to stake a claim further west.
  16. However, he discovered that as an African American he was not allowed to stake a claim.
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