to stagger in a sentence

  1. But his strenuous efforts to stagger spell the movie's ruin.
  2. Some start to stagger, overcome with headaches or nausea.
  3. In 1986 the IOC decided to stagger the Summer and Winter Games.
  4. He rejects both the black leader and the people to stagger outside.
  5. It is a process painstaking enough to stagger anyone who watches it happen.
  6. It's difficult to find to stagger in a sentence.
  7. The decision appeared to stagger defense attorneys Williamson and Michael W . Krumholtz.
  8. Part of Castro's charm is his ability to stagger his audience.
  9. Not long into the count, some trainees begin to stagger and fall.
  10. You need an extra day to stagger up the wind-swept summit.
  11. White House officials hope to stagger Democrats again by directly confronting their questions.
  12. Gianolla managed to stagger back into the bank where he collapsed and died.
  13. Anyone who has bargained with Jacobs is likely to stagger out of the office.
  14. In New York City, overcrowding has led some schools to stagger their schedules.
  15. I could not allow this to stagger on.
  16. It shouldn't be afraid to stagger into the realm of geek chic.
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