to stage in a sentence

  1. Ms . Arova turned to staging and artistic direction in 1965.
  2. But that's no way to stage the Olympic Games.
  3. Sarajevo is used to stage commercials by these international humanitarian groups.
  4. He also fortified her resolve in standing up to stage directors.
  5. He likes to stage it and build the thrill in storyboards,
  6. It's difficult to find to stage in a sentence.
  7. I was going to stage a holdout at practice this morning,
  8. Others in the field fired off additional advantages to staged hunts.
  9. I wanted to stage, so somebody could take my picture.
  10. Finally, police expect right wing Jewish groups to stage protests.
  11. The money was needed to stage new attacks, police said.
  12. UNITA uses its bases to stage attacks against Angolan government forces.
  13. How much more expensive is it to stage the Winter Games?
  14. Abacha took advantage of the chaos to stage a bloodless coup.
  15. They were trying to prepare to stage a provocation of Cuba.
  16. Local residents are expected to stage major protests at the time.
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