to stabilize prices in a sentence

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  1. The depreciating dollar makes the fight to stabilize prices even more difficult.
  2. Their goal will be to stabilize prices at about their current levels.
  3. During the Asian crisis, the government suspended land sales to stabilize prices.
  4. Cheating by members has undermined OPEC's efforts to stabilize prices in the past.
  5. Indonesia apparently wants to provide protection to the sensitive sectors to stabilize prices.
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  7. Indonesia says tariffs are necessary to stabilize prices of these products.
  8. The National Food Authority competes with local traders to stabilize prices.
  9. "That's really the purpose of this farm bill _ to stabilize prices ."
  10. They demanded that the government move to stabilize prices at a reasonable level.
  11. Indonesia said the tariff protection was necessary to stabilize prices.
  12. He said OPEC will move at " the right time " to stabilize prices.
  13. The federal government attempts to stabilize prices by limiting imports, but there are loopholes.
  14. The curbs are used in an attempt to stabilize prices.
  15. In market tending, the central bank buys and sells government securities to stabilize prices.
  16. The limit is used in an attempt to stabilize prices.
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