to squeal in a sentence

"to squeal" in Chinese  
  1. The thing comes set to squeal and buzz when you shut down.
  2. She has more reasons to remain silent than to squeal.
  3. "They don't want to squeal on a classmate.
  4. Yet . . . we expect her to squeal, and she razzes.
  5. As the blood pumped from its throat, the pig continued to squeal.
  6. It's difficult to find to squeal in a sentence.
  7. He expected the Navajo child to squeal with delight.
  8. "We didn't want to squeal on each other ."
  9. Infected pigs have been known to squeal in agony while walking on their knees.
  10. Despite the pig connection, Bacon doesn't have much to squeal about these days.
  11. Therefore, she said, she couldn't force Goodin to squeal on his sources.
  12. Why aren't we urging students to squeal on classmates who push other kids around?
  13. Maggie begins to squeal like a helium balloon with the neck pinched half-way shut.
  14. The child was numb from his confinement, but refused to squeal, the report said.
  15. But the cheaters are almost never exposed, because no one wants to squeal on one of their own.
  16. The pigs, kept in the canvas bags, were made to squeal in order to attract the wolves.
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