to squawk in a sentence

"to squawk" in Chinese  
  1. Gabon isn't the first to squawk about the dues.
  2. Other voices began to squawk over the radio in rapid fire succession.
  3. If someone from the historic committee wants to squawk, let them.
  4. But the Dodgers are hardly in position to squawk.
  5. To squawk when qualified minority and women employees are passed over for promotion.
  6. It's difficult to find to squawk in a sentence.
  7. The little monkey comes over to squawk in complaint.
  8. I like for those kind of people to squawk, the louder the better.
  9. You have something to squawk about, squawk.
  10. You would expect a star's agent to squawk about such a deal.
  11. But if his banks here produce meager profits, there's nobody to squawk.
  12. Politicians in the United States, meanwhile, are beginning to squawk about the higher prices.
  13. By instructing JP550 to squawk Standby, Erjavec simply released a code allocated for the middle sector.
  14. Upon contact with an ATC unit, they will be told to squawk a certain unique code.
  15. The other soldiers speculate that Cacciato is trying to emulate a chicken, trying to squawk and fly.
  16. "Undoubtedly, Japanese exporters are starting to squawk " about the yen's rise, Koss said.
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