to square the circle in a sentence

  1. Beijing's planners are trying to square the circle anyway.
  2. Nobody had yet devised a way to square the circle.
  3. :: It shows up when you try to square the circle.
  4. Douglas made one last attempt to square the circle.
  5. Nobody knows the exact meaning of the most striking part of the epitaph which refers to squaring the circle.
  6. It's difficult to find to square the circle in a sentence.
  7. In 1882, for example, the German mathematician Ferdinand Lindemann established that trying to square the circle was hopeless.
  8. Not only does Hare not do that, he also fails to square the circle between the political and personal.
  9. Amateur mathematicians in modern times have sometimes attempted to square the circle and sometimes claim success despite the fact that it is mathematically impossible.
  10. Racan acknowledged that the government " is trying to square the circle " while maneuvering between its international obligations and challenging the indictment.
  11. The first attempt to square the circle, was made in February 1848, when the young Marquess of Granby was installed as the leader.
  12. "He's got to square the circle _ to make peace with the past without surrendering the authority of the church ."
  13. "If anything, they've been able to square the circle when it comes to bringing disparate elements of the party together,"
  14. "To square the circle, one has to recognize that the market return ( forecast ) has a range attached to it, " he said.
  15. "We don't have magic wands, and to solve a conflict as complicated as Karabakh is like trying to square the circle, " he said.
  16. "He is going to try to find a way to square the circle, " predicted Stephen Moore, who follows tax policy for the Cato Institute think tank in Washington.
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