to spring in a sentence

"to spring" in Chinese  
  1. Juan Gonzalez never was one to rush to spring training anyway.
  2. Clark normally is one of the first players to spring training.
  3. Naehring says his approach to spring training will be as always.
  4. She plans to spring it on them at the last minute.
  5. The Mets invited Diaz to spring training as a nonroster player.
  6. It's difficult to find to spring in a sentence.
  7. Fortunately, Williams appreciated the versatility Smith brought to spring training.
  8. Dude, we have to get tickets to Spring Hill Jack.
  9. Neither the United States nor metropolitan Boston are foreign to Spring.
  10. Because it definitely continues to spring in the Astros'clubhouse.
  11. Their goal, dating to spring training, had been reached.
  12. I came to spring training and thought it was all right,
  13. He went to spring football practice and met the head coach.
  14. Players refuse to spring for a cab ride to nicer restaurants.
  15. Think Ted Williams coming to spring training to help young ballplayers.
  16. And the music really does appear to spring from somewhere else.
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