to spring for in a sentence

"to spring for" in Chinese  
  1. Players refuse to spring for a cab ride to nicer restaurants.
  2. Linemen should take up a collection to spring for Paus'masseuse.
  3. But not all parents are willing to spring for a cell phone.
  4. Better yet, get Tom Hicks to spring for a gold-plating.
  5. He could afford to spring for lunch for a walk-in, right?
  6. It's difficult to find to spring for in a sentence.
  7. We might even pick up enough jing to spring for a case of brew.
  8. He has been unable to convince Minnesota legislators to spring for a new stadium.
  9. When it was over, c ndw would have to spring for the beer.
  10. Maybe it's time to spring for a travel budget for the Atlantic hacks.
  11. But a growing number of Americans are willing to spring for them _ at handsome prices.
  12. The event was moved to spring for the knock-out contest and featured eight teams.
  13. Someone toasted our bravery, our fine mountaineering skills and our willingness to spring for the vodka.
  14. Texaco doesn't have to spring for all that many prizes on McNalley's account.
  15. Remember also that as president you don't even have to spring for dinner or flowers.
  16. When booking a room here, it might be advisable to spring for something facing the ocean.
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