to post a letter in a sentence

"to post a letter" in Chinese  
  1. Dawes refuses to leave with them but asks Rex to post a letter for him.
  2. While Jane is walking into town to post a letter, a horse passes her and throws its rider.
  3. Anna argues with Randall over her attempt to post a letter to Marsen ( with an informative postmark ).
  4. The older daughter Eva Mary Godman was killed by a vehicle when she crossed a street to post a letter.
  5. Naomi left her home at approximately 9.45pm during the same evening to post a letter to a catalogue company for her mother Catherine.
  6. It's difficult to find to post a letter in a sentence.
  7. In August 2013, a Computer Science student named Khalil used an exploit to post a letter on the Facebook timeline of site founder Mark Zuckerberg.
  8. There, after having Dick help the gar鏾n haul the luggage up the stairs, Mouse orders tea, and Dick asks Raoul to post a letter to his mother.
  9. In January 2010, the parent company Apollo Group was required to post a letter of credit for $ 125 million by January 30 of the same year.
  10. We stayed there, absolutely penniless, for 8 days, being unable to buy our own cigarettes, to post a letter, or stand with a beer at Sedona's cowboy bar ."
  11. For how many years after privatisation would it remain possible to post a letter at the same price from any part of Britain to any address in Britain ? 
  12. At a dinner, Quadri asks Marcello to post a letter for him on his way back to Italy, as Quadri s activities are monitored and the letter might be intercepted otherwise.
  13. Months later he was with volunteers at Tullamore, when they were attacked by machine-guns, and fleeing the Hall over rooftops, made off by motor-bike; Mellows returned to post a letter to protect comrades.
  14. The actor Sid James suffered a Ivor Novello's " The Dancing Years " in 1949 . Leaving the theatre to post a letter, she disappeared down a nearby alley and was never seen again.
  15. That's from the time where there were two deliveries a day, and you might be able to post a letter that morning and have its recipient get it that afternoon or the next day.
  16. The unconvinced also complain : The economy is still a mess, most bureaucrats still haven't been paid, many roads are still little better than goat trails, and it's still impossible to post a letter or make a call cross-country from Bukavu to the capital.
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