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  1. Tide waters flow in its fjord upriver as far as national parks.
  2. The Tide Water Power Company sold lots to develop Shore Acres.
  3. The track itself lay 30 ft . above the low tide water mark.
  4. "' Tide Water Pumping Station "', also known as Benton Station and Rixford, Pennsylvania.
  5. Public access to the island is restricted to areas below the high tide water mark.
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  7. Initially, the village was like an island because it frequently flooded due to the tide water.
  8. At low tide water in the channel may be as deep as only, which is true today.
  9. Tide water extends about within the mouth.
  10. The company also has technical collaboration with Tide Water Oil Co ., an Indian petroleum products manufacturer.
  11. This beach has low tide water.
  12. The barrels are all made here and their cement is transported to tide water over a horse railroad.
  13. It said tide waters have already covered that part of the wreckage twice, making survival unlikely for any still buried.
  14. Although they must remain moist to breathe, the blennies are able to breathe air, and avoid submersion by tide waters.
  15. A contract with Iran's Tide Water construction firm is expected to be signed next month, the report said, citing Antipov.
  16. In 1942 the Tide Water Associated Oil Company was interested in the region of southwest Saskatchewan for the development of oil.
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