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  1. Biden was snared by reporters hungry for any tidbit of news.
  2. It was just one more tidbit for them to write about.
  3. Oh, there have been some disturbing tidbits here and there.
  4. No need to air mail that tidbit of information to Texas.
  5. I found those tidbits in the Hyperwocky column by Gary Brickman.
  6. It's difficult to find tidbit in a sentence.
  7. Beauty tips and exercise breaks are among the tidbits separating stories.
  8. Be sure to pass this juicy tidbit to the gossip leaders.
  9. Wallace fed us tasty historical and oceanographic tidbits as we went.
  10. So did spicy tidbits in the newspapers and on the airwaves.
  11. Another tidbit : Don't sit under a Coulter pine.
  12. When this tidbit became a newspaper story, Mariucci was chagrined.
  13. There are interesting articles and other tidbits about those Vegas heydays.
  14. And Opera News is a pretty good source for such tidbits.
  15. Tidbit : Twenty-fourth birthday is on Super Bowl Sunday.
  16. Sweet tidbits are available, too, laid out on trays.
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