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  1. I also had a cracked tibia, several sprains and abrasions.
  2. Surgeons inserted screws and a titanium rod to repair his tibia.
  3. The tibia and fibula are the two bones of the crus.
  4. The tibia or shin bone has a length of 312 millimetres.
  5. The story of TibiaME is inspired by the PC game Tibia.
  6. It's difficult to find tibia in a sentence.
  7. The tibia is frequently composed of short, closely set setae.
  8. The name is from the Greek for " long tibia ".
  9. Both bones below the knee, Fibia and Tibia were broken.
  10. There are two lines of oblong parallel spots down the tibia.
  11. The tibia orange and red spines with black stings are visible.
  12. The backup fullback Stanley Pritchett fractured his left tibia against Tampa Bay.
  13. Paul broke his right tibia; Morgan hurt his shoulder.
  14. Virtually the entire length of the tibia can be regenerated this way.
  15. But an MRI revealed a stress fracture in his tibia.
  16. Streets broke his right tibia and will require surgery sometime this week.
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