this christmas in a sentence

"this christmas" in Chinese  
  1. The novelty this Christmas will be buying your toys at the computer.
  2. I am probably spending less this Christmas than I did last year,
  3. This Christmas was ushered in with television images of violence in Bosnia.
  4. Jim Leyland should be the happiest man in baseball this Christmas season.
  5. Here are a few of the toys making noise this Christmas season.
  6. It's difficult to find this christmas in a sentence.
  7. The ghosts of Christmas are having a wonderful time this Christmas 1997.
  8. It is not the only unusual public display in Britain this Christmas.
  9. I bet more people get flannel pajamas this Christmas than thong underwear.
  10. But the store felt no rush to make this Christmas shopping season.
  11. McNealy said he expects Xbox to be a big hit this Christmas.
  12. Garland said Jupiter and Saturn also are close together this Christmas season.
  13. Spindler said, promising to have enough Macs on hand this Christmas.
  14. The American public is going to pay for it this Christmas.
  15. This Christmas Eve, Giuliani found himself giving out toys to children.
  16. This Christmas will be a happy one for Bill and Victoria.
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